Every dairy faces challenges when it comes to managing manure. McLanahan’s bedding solutions for the agricultural industry help dairy producers minimize these challenges by providing equipment for transferring, separating, dewatering and drying their manure and sand bedding.

Sand-Manure Separation

Sand bedding provides a healthy environment for the cows, keeps them cleaner and maximizes cow comfort, all of which enhance a dairy’s profitability. However, when that sand is mixed with manure, it becomes abrasive, difficult to agitate and pump, and expensive to land apply. Sand can also clog pipes and settle in manure storage areas, both resulting in costly cleanouts

McLanahan Sand-Manure Separation Systems utilize proven sand-processing technology to separate sand from the manure stream, producing a clean, recycled sand that is suitable for reuse within days and eliminating the need to regularly purchase sand to refill freestalls. Separating sand from manure also results in less costly storage cleanouts.

The resulting manure effluent, containing water, manure fibers and all of the manure nutrients, can be further processed through a Liquid-Solid Separation System.

McLanahan Sand-Manure Separation Systems are also designed to achieve sufficient sand recovery to enable manure waste to be processed through anaerobic digesters, as well as other treatment systems requiring high sand recovery. 

Manure Separation

McLanahan can help dairies meet environmental regulations for land application of manure and produce relatively clean flume or process water with manure separation equipment. Manure separation equipment helps the dairy producer more effectively manage manure and nutrients by removing a portion of the undigested fibers from a dairy’s manure stream and producing a more nutrient dense material to land apply. In addition to its ability to thicken manure, manure separation equipment pre-treats the manure for use in an anaerobic digester.


McLanahan provides equipment for both sand and manure dewatering. Dewatering Screens are used with sand separation systems to reduce the amount of water and small organics and quickly provide producers with cleaner sand that can be reused with minimal conditioning. Roll Presses are used to dewater separated manure fibers, which can be used for bedding, stored or economically hauled to distant fields.

Manure Conveyance

McLanahan specializes in heavy-duty manure auger conveyance systems to move manure across freestall barns, clean out sand settling lanes, fill manure tankers or spreaders, and stack manure solids. Each dairy’s specific needs are taken into account when designing a manure conveyance system to ensure the best fit for their operation.

Bedding Dryers

The Sand Bedding Dryer and Manure Bedding Dryer improve the quality of both recycled sand and manure solids. Bedding Dryers reduce the amount of moisture and mastitis-causing pathogens in recycled sand or manure solids by heating the bedding to high temperatures and retaining it just long enough to achieve maximum pathogen kill. The result is a cleaner, drier bedding that increases milk production, lowers somatic cell count and improves cow health. The bedding can be used immediately following its discharge from a Bedding Dryer, which means less handling and stockpiling, and less inventory.

Stall Maintenance

Cows need to be clean and comfortable in order to stay healthy and produce large quantities of milk. Full, evenly distributed beds of sand are essential to cow comfort. McLanahan offers a simple and smart solution to sand bedding with our line stall maintenance equipment. Stall Fillers and Stall Groomers help dairy producers achieve and maintain full, dry and even beds of sand.

Stall Fillers can be mounted on either trucks or trailers, and evenly distribute sand bedding into freestalls. Stall Groomers keep freestalls in great condition between fillings, ensuring cows are comfortable throughout the day.

Sand Lane System

McLanahan’s Sand Lane System clean and dewater sand from sand lanes or settling systems. Consisting of a hopper that can be fed easily with a front-end loader, an Inclined Auger and a Dewatering Screen, the Sand Lane System provides the dairy producer with a cleaner, drier sand product without adding water. It also saves the producer money by reducing sand inventory and drying times.

Manure Management System Design

Bedding can be recovered and recycled in many different ways – from closed-loop to flush systems. McLanahan works with each dairy to design a complete system for manure handling. Sand Separation Systems give the dairy producer the ability to recover sand and reuse it within days, while Manure-Solid Separation Systems separate the manure fibers from the liquid to lower hauling costs. Both of these systems can utilize Bedding Dryers to remove moisture and kill pathogens, making for healthier cows and higher production rates. McLanahan Manure Management Systems solutions are available to meet both large and small herds, as well as fit into the dairy producer’s facility management routines.

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